Collins Management Company offers full management services including financial, administrative, consultative, and facility maintenance.
Collins Management Company is an accredited community management firm (ACMF) with the California Association of Community Managers.
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Financial & Accounting Services Only

It is crucial that Association books are kept in a professional and corporate manner. With an in house accounting staff, employing the latest technologies, your Associations financial reporting will be in good hands.

The following is an outline of accounting services that we offer. Also, you are welcome to visit our offices and see first hand the procedures we will follow in keeping your association's books accurate.

  • Collins Management Company offers a financial and accounting services for community associations of all sizes.Provide owners with dues payment coupons.
  • Set up and maintain a lockbox system for assessment collections.
  • Offer owners automatic electronic payment of dues.
  • Daily posting of receipts to owner accounts.
  • Assistance in developing an investment strategy of reserve funds.
  • Reconciliation of all accounts; checking, savings, money market, etc.
  • Prepare checks as authorized by Board.
  • Provide Board detailed monthly financials, using the modified accrual method of accounting.
  • Monitoring reserve investment rollover dates.
  • Assist independent auditors with data gathering.
  • Review financial statements with Board.
  • Assist Board with preparation of pro forma operating budget.
  • Collect and process assessment payments.
  • Prepare and post accounts receivable.
  • Prepare and post accounts payable.
  • Pursue collection of delinquent accounts per Associations' Collection Policy.
  • Assist Board in maintaining a current and accurate reserve study and funding study.