Collins Management Company offers full management services including financial, administrative, consultative, and facility maintenance.
Collins Management Company is an accredited community management firm (ACMF) with the California Association of Community Managers.
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About Us

Collins Management Company was founded in 1989 with the purpose of providing premium customer service to local homeowners associations. After three decades, much has changed in our industry, but our values hold true. While our competitors are swallowed up by large out of state corporations, we remain (and will always remain) a local and independent family owned and operated Bay Area firm with our focus in serving Contra Costa, Solano, Alameda and Marin Counties.

Our values and purpose will continually be to provide the absolute best customer service experience for our boards, homeowners, and homeowners associations. Our business model is simple: focus on existing clients (not growth), remembering it is far more cost effective to retain existing clients than to find new ones. When we attract new clients to our family, we rely on our good name and reputation—not a huge marketing department.

Although Collins Management is family owned and operated, much of its success is attributable to its dedicated team of community managers and support personnel. Each play a critical role in providing our customers the superior service they deserve. We strive to ensure that our entire staff has an outstanding general knowledge of community management and moreover, a precise knowledge of your specific community.

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