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How to Become a Collins Management Vendor

To decrease the financial liability of our clients, Collins Management requires all contractors, vendors, and suppliers to register with a company named Enterprise Risk Control ("ERC") when agreeing to perform services at any Collins Management community.

An annual fee of $150 will be charged to you by ERC to register. This fee should be considered by you when providing a proposal to any community managed by Collins Management. You will be required to register online and to provide information about your company.

For More Information Regarding ERC:
For ERC Customer Support:

Why Is Collins Management Partnering with ERC?

Collins Management must protect the interests of our clients and takes this responsibility very seriously. This duty includes ensuring that contractors performing work in our communities have appropriate and adequate insurance, are properly credentialed or licensed to perform the specified work, and have no criminal business history, etc. To continue to perform these checks and services in-house has become overly burdensome and is not within our area of expertise. Therefore, Collins Management is partnering with ERC as they have the expertise and a proven track record handling these matters.

Benefits to YOU, the Vendor

Once you go through this process, we will add your company to an exclusive list of Collins Management approved vendors, all of which have been vetted and held to the same standard, and be qualified to work at approximately 100 Homeowners Associations in the Bay Area. When you bid on a project, you can be confident that the other bidders have invested in the same level of professionalism and insurance coverage, which decreases the likelihood of underbidding due to low overhead. Your firm is also entered into a database of vendors that is accessible by other property management companies.


Q: Do I need to register and pay ERC if I'm only providing a proposal?

A: No. You will only be required to register once you are hired to perform services by any Collins Management community.

Q: Do I have to register and pay for every Collins Management property that I do work for?

A: No. You will only have to register once per year and pay a maximum of $150 per year regardless of how many different Collins Management properties for which you perform work.

Q: Why does the contractor have to pay ERC? Why doesn't Collins Management pay ERC on behalf of the contractor?

A: To maintain transparency and avoid any perceived conflict of interest, the contractor must deal independently of Collins Management with ERC.

Q: What if I choose not to register with ERC?

A: All current and future contractors, vendors, and suppliers will be required to register. After receiving your credentials from ERC, you will have a grace period of thirty (30) days to enroll. Those companies that do not enroll within the thirty (30) day period will unfortunately not be allowed to do business with Collins Management.

How to Submit an Invoice

To ensure prompt payment, please submit all invoices by using ONE of the following methods:

Email: (preferred)


U.S. Mail (in the exact format below):
Association Name
c/o Dept 182 - Collins Management Company
PO Box 4579, Dept 182
Houston, TX 77210-4579

Five simple rules that MUST be followed to ensure timely payment:

  1. For invoices sent by U.S. mail, please make sure you include the Dept number on both lines of the address. If you do not include the department on both lines, your invoice will not get processed.
  2. Send either by U.S. mail OR email, NOT both.
  3. Place the company address above on all invoices themselves and not just the envelopes. This will ensure your invoice gets routed to the proper location.
  4. For emailed invoices, only send one invoice per attachment. (e.g., Multiple invoices in the same Word document will not be split out). You CAN have multiple attachments per email.
    1. Acceptable attachment formats: PDF (preferred), Word, Excel, JPEG, TIFF
    2. Email with no attachment (the email itself would be used as the invoice)
    Mail to: c/o Collins Management Co., 500 Alfred Nobel Dr. #250 Hercules, CA 94547

Partnering with Collins Management

Collins Management enjoys a very strong bond with our vendors, which has translated to better service to our shared clients. Vendors often ask us about opportunities to build relationships with our managers and managed communities. Here is how to do it:

Annual Board Appreciation Seminar and Tradeshow

Participating in this event will provide an excellent opportunity to mix and mingle with managers and Board members in a relaxed and fun setting. These events are held every year, and your participation in the tradeshow opens the door to other great opportunities to develop bonds with our managers. Participating in the seminar also puts your firm's name and contact info on our online Vendor Directory.

Lunch and Learns

We get dozens of requests each month from vendors who wish to host "Lunch and Learns." Although we very much appreciate the educational content (and food), we have found it necessary to limit the frequency of these events to a more manageable quantity. Therefore, participation as a sponsor of our "Annual Board Member Appreciation seminar and Tradeshow" or contributing to the Collins Management Foundation is a prerequisite to hosting a Lunch and Learn or similar format. Email to learn more.

Collins Management Foundation

The Collins Management Foundation (CMF) leads a charitable network of dedicated HOA industry vendors dedicated to supporting the people working in managed communities. CMF's focus will be to support the workforce we all draw upon to serve our HOA clients. These workers may include an administrative assistant of a law firm, to a laborer for a general contracting firm, and everybody in between. Sadly, these workers may be one emergency away from grave financial circumstances.

As employers, many of us have experienced heartbreaking situations where an employee has been injured or must take a leave of absence to tend to a sick family member, often resulting in serious financial consequences for the worker, who may already be living paycheck-to-paycheck. Our Foundation's mission is to assist these people when they need our help.

Learn more at Collins Management Foundation.

Gratuity Policy

We count our relationships with fellow HOA service providers as among our greatest assets, to be valued and protected. Like you, we are a for-profit business, and as such, we understand and respect your need to market your brand among our managers. However, in recent years, these efforts have become more elaborate in what is an increasingly competitive market. Although we are thankful for the attention, there is growing concern that this trend may not always be in the best interest of our shared clients.

In light of this, Collins Management employees do not accept personal gifts from service providers, including meals, events, or any other gift with a monetary value. When a gift is received, it will be politely returned or donated to charity. We're not concerned about the occasional small treat intended for the entire office staff. It is perfectly fine to drop off information about your firm along with a little treat for the office. We love vendor information, especially when accompanied by bagels and doughnuts.

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