Collins Management Company offers full management services including financial, administrative, consultative, and facility maintenance.
Collins Management Company is an accredited community management firm (ACMF) with the California Association of Community Managers.
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"Collins Management is accessible, responsive, and well-informed. As a realtor and mortgage broker, I routinely deal with management companies to get the disclosure documentation I need to represent my clients. I am always relieved when Collins Management pops up as the management company because I know I will receive fast, courteous and professional service. This is a great asset to have for the homeowners I represent. Keep up the good work!!"
-John B., Realtor/Broker, West Sacramento, CA

"As a contractor having worked for many years on properties managed by the staff at Collins Management, my experience has been they are a top notch professional organization. Paul and Sharon Collins have built a great team with Eve, Genine, Christine, Sue, Erica, Dave and the entire crew. Managing HOAs is an extremely difficult, complex and oftentimes thankless job. This group does an excellent job of providing top notch service as they navigate through the many challenges they face day in and day out in dealing with hundreds of homeowners at any given time. Keep up the great work!"
-Dennis S., Contractor, Benicia, CA

"I am on the board of directors of my homeowners' association. The service we have received from them has been outstanding. They keep up on changes in the law and give us plenty of warning to stay in compliance. We could not operate without their support. Genine and Michael put up with an awful lot from homeowners who contact them directly and are very diplomatic with some real characters."
-Robert O., HOA Board Member, El Cerrito, CA

"I would like to say that Collins Management Company is an excellent company to manage our large homeowners association. Being a home owner there are always issues arising so we need a good company to help with all those. Geinine K, my go to person, whenever I have an issue, is just awesome! She gets to the problem right away and arranges a solution asap. She is always very professional and courteous and takes her job very serious. I am very happy to have such a dedicated company like Collins Management, manage our association so well."
-Frances W., Homeowner and HOA Member, San Francisco, CA

"Our HOA has used Collins Mgmt. for over 20 years and as a Board member and/or President I found them to be very helpful, professional and responsible in their management of our properties. Routine and/or emergency work is always done in a timely manner; yet we have always managed to keep our monthly dues below any of the associations in the East Contra Costa region! This can only be done with a lot of cooperation between owners and managers and a good understanding of property management by the management company. Their helpfulness has extended to security and parking matters as well. For this to happen the owners need to be willing to work continuously with the property company on a close day-to-day basis."
-Joe D., HOA Board Member and President, San Pablo, CA

"I have had a 25 year relationship with the owners and managers at Collins and, without exception, have found them to be well trained, highly professional and client oriented. I frequently attend meetings involving our mutual clients (I am an insurance broker) and have witnessed first hand the interaction of Collins' staff, the board of directors and individual unit owners. In my opinion Collins is highly committed to their clients. I work with many other HOA management companies and I rate Collins in the top tier."
-Lester E., Insurance Broker, Valyermo, CA

"It is now 15 years that I am living in a Collins Management Managed Complex and I am so grateful to them for being so responsible, caring, and for keeping the different aspects of our association running smoothly. They are responsive, reliable and exemplary in the way that they address concerns of the HOA and in the way they deal with the public. In fact, I am so confident with their performance that I have been able to contract  them to manage a rental property. So now as a member of an HOA that this company manages, and as a customer that the Collins Management helps to maintain good Owner/Tenant relations, I can definitely state that this company does its very best for their clients! If I ever have to move, I would want to move to a complex that they manage."
-C.F., Homeowner and HOA Member, San Pablo, CA

"As an owner in an Association for eight years, I have dealt with three Management Companies. --, -- and Collins Management. Because of this experience I feel confident in reviewing our current management company. By far Collins Management is the most professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and attentive of the three companies. And surprise they actually CARE! I have dealt with our manager Christine on numerous occasions -- her kind way and positive attitude have won me over..."
-Grace W., Homeowner and HOA Member, Hercules, CA

Collins Management provides professional community association management services for Homeowners Associations (HOAs), Condominiums, Commercial Associations, Mixed Use Developments, Planned Unit Developments, Loft Associations and all other Common Interest Developments.

Collins Management Company is a Better Business Bureau Accredited business.

Our goal is simple... to provide an exceptional client service experience. Here's how:

  • Personal, dedicated service

    We are a local and independent family-owned and operated Bay Area company.
  • Customer-centric focus

    Customer retention is far more important to us than finding new clients. We believe that if we focus on serving your existing clients, the rest will take care of itself. When we do welcome new clients to our family, we are in it for the long haul.
  • Community involvement and investment

    We invest in the communities that support our business, whether that means sponsoring a youth sports team or running a 5k for a worthy cause. Learn more here.

Six reasons to join our family:

  1. Quality: Collins Management is one of only a handful of Northern California companies awarded the Accredited Community Management Company designation, after undergoing a rigorous independent analysis of our operations and accounting controls.
  2. Education: All managers are Certified Community Association Managers.
  3. Training: All managers undergo a rigorous year long mentoring and training program.
  4. Responsive: Communications are responded to within a day. Our communities are located within a 30-minute drive.
  5. Technology: Association documents are available online. Owners can view and pay dues online on a password protected web portal. Electronic Document Delivery saves money.
  6. Value: 90% of our fee is included in the base fee. We do not nickel and dime, and we never claim your late fees.