Collins Management Company offers full management services including financial, administrative, consultative, and facility maintenance.
Collins Management Company is an accredited community management firm (ACMF) with the California Association of Community Managers.
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Our Culture

Our trade is community building

Our tool is service

The Collins Management team - a dynamic, thoughtful, and kind group of people working together in the spirit of innovative problem solving, collaboration and excellence - have a vision for the company that:

  • We provide a responsive, reliable, accountable and ethical service to our clients, partners and colleagues;
  • We work in an atmosphere of camaraderie, teamwork, play, and cooperation;
  • We never stop learning and teaching;
  • We remain industry leaders, respected by our competitors;
  • We give back to our community;
  • We use innovative technology to maximize productivity and add value;
  • We develop and value our most precious commodity: educated, curious and hardworking people;
  • We maximize our business potential without sacrificing our values.

And with this vision we will build a customer-centric business that prioritizes the servicing and retention of existing customers above new business. We will grow, but only as a natural outgrowth of the successful implementation of our vision; not as a function of our marketing budget. Therefore, our reputation must speak for itself. In order to develop that reputation, we must first embrace the importance of our mission:

To facilitate the transformation of a
collection of people and structures into communities.

Collins Management Company serves the greater San Francisco Bay community.
The Collins Management Team

Photograph by Giovanna Borgna